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I know I was meant to get these taxes done sometime before now, but it is so... boring. Working stuff out is so..boring. But I am making an effort today to get them done. When I say I am making an effort, I mean I am taking a nap close to my calculator.

I hope I get a refund this year.

  • Tuxedo Benny

Ok I have had enough of this.

When will these people ever go out and leave me in peace? Every time I open my eyes, there they are, skulking around my house, invading my space, generally irritating me.

And I am so bored! It's the same old thing, day after day - eating, drinking, napping, chilling out, the occasional forage for mice and birds in the garden.

I need things to change, so I can go back to my old life - the one where I spent my days eating, drinking, napping, chilling out...

  • Tuxedo Benny

I am so ridiculously cute it is.. well, ridiculous.

If I ever feel like the humans aren't paying me enough attention, I simply roll over and show them my pristine white belly. At this time, I expect to get a light tickling of the tummy. 

Never fails.

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