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I have just heard a story about a Tuxie called Sparky, who inherited 6.3 million dollars. I have no idea what that means but I know that it can buy a lot of tuna. I don't have 6.3 million dollars; I don't even have 6 dollars. But I do have 3 collars, as well as this gorgeous bow tie. Compared to Sparky, I think I am quite poor. But I am rich in family, love, and style. And that's what counts. PS. Does anyone have Sparky's number?

  • Tuxedo Benny

Sometimes I like to put on my bow tie, do my fur, and then... pose. When you're this level of handsome, you just have to accept it, and give the people what they want: photos. Of me.

When I started my Instagram journey, I had no idea that I could reach such dizzy heights of fame. Nowadays, I feel like the sky is the limit. One day: Instagram sensation. The next: who knows? I might even run for Prime Minister. For now though, I will just sit here and look gorgeous. You're welcome.

  • Tuxedo Benny

Do you know, my humans/slaves had the audacity to go away and leave me for two whole days? I just don't get it. Why would they abandon me like that? And how can they stand to be away from me for so long? I mean, they did send in replacement slaves while they were away (I taught those ones a lesson by hiding / ignoring / glaring at them. They deserve it, as I am pretty sure they are in on the whole abandonment thing).

When the humans/slaves finally returned home, obviously I pretended I didn't even see them. And when they handed me a huge bag of special treats they had brought with them as some kind of bribe, naturally I turned up my nose and stalked off. That wasn't very well thought out though and I have decided to reconsider my position on the treats. I am now also considering easing up on the punishment regime. But only after that bag of treats is empty.

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