Do you know, my humans/slaves had the audacity to go away and leave me for two whole days? I just don't get it. Why would they abandon me like that? And how can they stand to be away from me for so long? I mean, they did send in replacement slaves while they were away (I taught those ones a lesson by hiding / ignoring / glaring at them. They deserve it, as I am pretty sure they are in on the whole abandonment thing).

When the humans/slaves finally returned home, obviously I pretended I didn't even see them. And when they handed me a huge bag of special treats they had brought with them as some kind of bribe, naturally I turned up my nose and stalked off. That wasn't very well thought out though and I have decided to reconsider my position on the treats. I am now also considering easing up on the punishment regime. But only after that bag of treats is empty.

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When you are this gorgeous and cuddly and just, well, spectacular, it really is hard to be humble. I do (sometimes) try hard to not be vain, but then I will accidentally see myself in a mirror, and I just can't help myself - I think "wow! now THAT is a handsome cat!" I am envious of my slave-humans, because they get to look at me all day, every day. I don't know if they know how lucky they are. Here is another photo of me, wearing something I just threw on. Enjoy.

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I know I was meant to get these taxes done sometime before now, but it is so... boring. Working stuff out is so..boring. But I am making an effort today to get them done. When I say I am making an effort, I mean I am taking a nap close to my calculator.

I hope I get a refund this year.

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