Yes, that's right, I am a famous Instagram sensation. (Have I mentioned that before?) But, just in case you didn't know, I am also a singer-songwriter; of course blogger, and now soon-to-be published author.

As we speak, illustrations are being prepared for my new book, the first in a series entitled Benny and the Pets. I am so busy and important that I think I need a nap.

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This is me in my favourite spot - outside. Since my humans adopted me, they have battled against my determination to be an outside cat. They can see how much I love being outside, but they do everything they can to trick me into staying in (bribery, ignoring me while I scream at them to let me out, locking the doors, etc), but sometimes I outsmart them and I get out there into my world. When that happens, they worry.

I did once break my leg (they have no idea how but they think I fell out of a tree). And I once brought a family of raccoons home. (One of them actually followed me into the house). And I regularly come home covered in dirt, and once poo.

So I suppose I can't blame them for worrying. I am happier when I am out, and they are happier when I'm in. It's what you might call a cat conundrum.

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Here is me in my bow tie, ready to pawty.

Most of the time, I like to hang out on my own. I am the boss, after all, and the boss has to maintain a certain distance from their subjects / slaves. I eat alone, I sleep alone, and I roam the neighbourhood alone. 

Occasionally, though, I decide to be sociable, and at those times I expect the humans to give me as much attention as I demand (and I will let them know, clearly, when I no longer require this). And, also, at these times I expect to be entertained with feather boas, cream and fishy snacks. Maybe even a bowl of Pawsecco.

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