A stressful weekend

I am exhausted! I have had a very stressful weekend. Firstly, the human slaves brought home something that smells and sounds like a miniature cat, but looks like a huge mouse. They say they are "looking after it." But I'm not so sure, it looks like it's settled in here, and I. Am. Not. Happy.

As well as having to cope with that kind of disgusting behaviour from the humans, they currently are holding me hostage. They are refusing to allow me my basic cat rights of going outside. Something about the "air quality being bad for my lungs". I have ignored that and devised all sorts of cunning plans to outsmart them. For instance, hiding in a closet close to the front door, until I see my chance to escape; or howling loudly until one of them just gives in. It has all been very tiring. I yearn for the days when life was much simpler.

I am adding a photo of the mouse/cat thing so you can see what I have to put up with.

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